Web Sites Related to the Study of the Eastern Churches

Note: US restrictions on exports of technology have limited Internet accessibility for many Arab and formerly Communist countries.

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Arimathea Page for Eastern and Ancient Christianity
Eastern Christian Publications Online Catalog
The Orthodox Christian Page
The Unofficial Directory of Eastern Catholic Churches in the U.S.
Directory of US Orthodox Churches - OCA
Worldwide Directory of Canonical Orthodox Churches

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Universities and Studies Centers

Byzantine Studies on the Internet
Democritus University of Thrace (includes access to Greek fonts for Internet browsing)
Greek PostScript Calendars
Hellenistic Greek Linguistics
Learn Byzantine Chant at Hellenic College in Massachusetts
Istituto di Teologia Ecumenico-Patristica Greco-Bizantina +S. Nicola
Via Bisanzio e Rainaldo, 15 - 70122 Bari, Italia
e-mail: ite.s.nicola@teseo.it telefax: +39(0/80) 523.5252
The Perseus Project at Tufts University (includes a searchable Liddell-Scott-Jones Greek lexicon)
Mount Athos Greek Manuscript Catalog: Philotheou Monastery Project
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae
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Greek Orthodox
Official Website of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (Οἰκουμενικον Πατριαρχείον),
http://www.ec-patr.org/ or http://www.ec-patr.eu/
The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, website sponsored by the Orthodox Church in America
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, including "Learn to Chant," audio files, more audio files, and the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians, and much else.
The Church of Cyprus
St. Gregory Palamas Greek Orthodox Monastery in the diocese of Pittsburgh, including a Sunday Matins Page and Cyber Psaltiri.
The Church of Greece
Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Italy, Venice
Italo-Greek Rite Catholic (in communion with Rome)
Abbbazia di Grottaferrata southeast of Rome, Italy
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Other Greek sites

Ariadne's Hellenic Civilization; there is also a gopher version
Byzantine Chant Studies Page
Greek A Homepage
Hellas Home Page

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Universities and Studies Centers

Obshtezhitie, Cyrillic and Glagolitic MSS and Incunabula
Hilandar Monastery Byzantine Document Collection at Ohio State University, searchable through the OSU Libraries OSCAR catalogue
Post-Soviet and Eastern Europe Study Resources
Russian and East European Studies REESWEB
Library of Congress exhibit The Russian Church in Alaska
Slavic Studies Trails on the Internet
Pokrov Home Page (Bulgaria)
Diakonia, a theological journal
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Orthodox (in communion with Constantinople)
Patriarchate of Moscow and Russia, with an e-mail address: commserv@mospatr.msk.ru
The Church of Finland
Orthodox Church in America
American Carpatho-Russian Orthodox Diocese
Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States of America and Canada
Uniate or "Greek Catholic" (in communion with Rome)
Byzantine Catholic Home Page
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Winnipeg (Canada)
St. Michael the Archangel Ukrainian Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Benedictine Byzantine Catholic Monastery, Butler, PA
Faculty of the Byzantine Catholic Theological of Safarik University, Slovakia
Faculty of Byzantine Catholic Theology of Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Russian Znamenny Chant

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Syriac Computing Institute at Cambridge University, mirrored at Emory University in Atlanta
Syrisch/Syriac at the Universität Passau
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Byzantine Rite Syrians

Antiochene Orthodox (in communion with Constantinople)
Melchite Rite Catholic (in communion with Rome)
Melkite Church in America
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East Syrian (Mesopotamian) traditions

"Non-Ephesine" ("Nestorian")
Assyrian Church Of The East - USA
Assyrian Church of the East
Assyria On-Line!
Hammurabi's Home Page
Chaldean and Malabar Rite Catholic (in communion with Rome)
Syro-Malabar Catholic Church
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West Syrian (Syro-Palestinian) Traditions

"Non-Chalcedonian" ("Jacobite")
The Indian Orthodox Church Home Page
Syrian Orthodox Resources
Suryoyo Online
Syrian Rite Catholic (in communion with Rome)
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Maronite (Lebanese) Tradition (in communion with Rome)

Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn
Archives of the Usenet newsgroup soc.culture.lebanon
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Transplanted Syriac Traditions

Syriac Gnosticism in medieval China
Link to Ernet Gopher in India (for future use, nothing directly relating to the St. Thomas Christians as of March 95)
The Kerala Organization Inc.
The Kerala Organization
Religions of Kerala and Related Links

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The Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan
Aram KEROVPYAN, Maître chantre de la Cathédrale arménienne de Paris et chercheur de la musique arménienne

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Georgian Fonts
Georgian Fonts
Georgian TrueType Fonts on the Internet from SANet, in Georgia

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Coptic Orthodox Church Home Page
The Coptic Studies' Corner of the St. Shenouda Society
Coptologia Home Page
The Copts and Christendom

American University in Cairo Press
Annual Egyptological Bibliography
Egyptian Book of the Dead and other papyrological sites
Sondersammelgebiete: A"gyptologie, Kunstgeschichte, Klassische Archa"ologie Universita"tsbibliothek Heidelberg

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The Abyssinia CyberSpace Gateway at Indiana University
Library of Congress Country Studies - Ethiopia
Library of Ethiopian Texts

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Middle Eastern Studies

In General

African Studies at the University of Pennsylvania
Levant Multimedia ftp Server in Norway
Levant WWW Servers, also in Norway
Middle East/North Africa Internet Resource Guide
Middle East Studies Association Bulletin
The University of Chicago Oriental Institute
WWW Virtual Library: Middle Eastern Studies
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Oriented toward Hebrew/Jewish Studies

Aleph catalogue of Israeli Libraries
The World Wide Web at Hebrew University
Jerusalem Mosaic

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Oriented toward Arabic/Islamic Studies

Arab Studies Journal
RITNET Egyptian Gopher Servers
Ibrahim Shafi's Page on Islam
Islamic Gopher Servers
George Maschke's Home Page (includes Arabic Word Processing macros)
Turkish Home Pages, not to be confused with Turkey Home Page

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