Note: If you communicate with any of the following vendors, please tell them you read about their fonts on The Gregorian Chant Home Page. Thank you.

Gregorian Chant Font

Gregorian Chant Font (Mac): StMeinrad and its auxiliary, StMeinradAux, contain the symbols necessary to reproduce Gregorian chant. The fonts have been generated by Typographer 3.1 as Type I and TrueType(TM) fonts. The Type I fonts are used with Adobe Type Manager(TM). TrueType fonts can only be used with System 7. $35.00

Gregorian Chant font (IBM): These fonts were created by Typographer 4.0 for use in Microsoft Windows(TM). The TrueType fonts are installed like any other font. The Type I PostScript fonts must be used with Adobe Type Manager and are installed with the program. $35.00

The above fonts are available by writing to The Choirmaster, St. Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN 47577-1010 USA or calling 812 357 6686. Besides the charge of $35, $2.50 is charged for postage and packaging for domestic sales and $10.00 for air mail.

Chant Scribe

Chant Scribe is designed to be a music desktop publisher for users of Gregorian Chant notation. It is a Macintosh program that allows the user to manipulate all the neume forms (including new designs for the Stropha, Oriscus, augmented liquescent forms, etc.) by dragging them from the tool palette onto the staff and then dragging the individual elements of the neume to the lines or spaces that are desired. Rhythmic letters and episemas can be attached to these elements, and will stay with the neume where it is dragged on the staff.

The present Chant Scribe version 2.5 includes a complete set of the standard neumes plus: a full list of accidentals, a non-printing guide for centering neumes over the text, output to Microsoft RTF format, PostScript and bitmap fonts, free support and minor updates. Requires a Macintosh SE or above, 2 Mb RAM, hard frive, System 7 or 8 preferred. \/ersion 2.5 also inctudes St. Gall, Laon - and stemless modern fonts for use in the program. A Windows PC version of Chant Scribe is under development.

Student version (one page limit) $50
Full version $175

Send return address,type of Macintosh, printer, and operating system to Chant Scribe, Fr. Columba Kelly, OSB, St. Meinrad Archabbey, St. Meinrad, IN 47577.
Payment may be made by Visa or Mastercard. Make checks payable to "St. Meinrad Liturgical Music Fund."